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Willowview Hill Farm Hay Sales

Hay Available – 1st Cut Horse Hay Superb Quality

$6.25 per bale

Second Cut - $7.25 per bale

Please call 607 652 2917 for an appointment.

This hay has never been wet, and is of premium quality. Organically grown.
Sorry, we don’t deliver but do have good access for tractor-trailers.

“Willowview Hill Farm hay is gorgeous!”… Alexis Albaugh, Walton, NY.

“My horses love both the 1st and 2nd cut hay from Willowview Hill Farm. Bales are tight, hay is weed free,”… Pat Kitchen, Margaretville, NY.

Learn More About Horse Hay

Have you ever wondered where your hay comes from? In this episode, we learn about what it takes to produce the most important component of a horse’s diet. Plus, we learn about things like how to spot a good bale when you see one, how to measure moisture content, prevent spontaneous combustion, and more. Hay farmer, Nikki Alvin-Smith from Willowview Hill Farm Dressage, brings a ton of really interesting information.

Hay Ready to Go

Hay in Field

Pickin Up Hay

Hay Stack

Loading Out Hay

Hay for sale

2018 First cut top quality horse hay. Clean and green.

Hay for Sale

For over eighteen years Willowview Hill Farm has been producing organically grown, green as a dollar bill horse hay. We pride ourselves on ensuring it is clean and sweet. Our hay is a timothy/mixed grass hay, specifically cured by horse owners for horses and cured the old fashioned way, Mother Nature.

Grown in the beautiful Catskill Mountain region of New York, the area is pristine and supplies New York City with its' water supply, and is part of the protected watershed. We harvest the hay using state of the art equipment to properly cure and dry the hay. The process is organic, no preservatives or dry down agents or chemical products are used. Many dry down agents and the over twenty or so chemcial preservatives added to hay have not been tested for safety in horses..and while you may not smell or see them these ingredients may cause respiratory and other health issues in horses.

Hay Fields

The hay is baled in uniform 12x18x40 inch bales and are the small square bales that are easily handled around the barn by the whole family. They weigh approximately 40-45 pounds on average, and are sold by the bale. So whether you want a pick up load or a tractor trailer load, you can choose.

Please check your satisfaction with the product before loading at time of pick up.
All hay we sell is stored inside.

Payment must be made in cash at time of pick up. A receipt will be provided to you or your driver.

WVH Hay 1

Hay storage: We recommend that you store hay string side on the vertical, with gaps between bales for air circulation. Hay of above 14% moisture is a fire hazard and should never be stacked . Good air circulation is extremely important. Please consult your local Fire Department with questions. Safe storage practices are your responsibility.

For more advise on hay selection and storage please see the article The 7 Deadly Sins Of Horse Haymaking at TheCatskillHorse.org blog

For access to property/services/hay products: Download pdf file for the Auditor Waiver Download pdf file for the Waiver Release





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