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Willowview Hill Farm does not currently stand any stallions but is interested in doing so in the future. If you have a proven performance stallion for whom you are looking for a new home please feel free to contact us. For confidentiality please contact Training@WillowviewHillFarm.com directly.

Foal share agreements and other syndicate agreements are possible.



1994 Imported Dutch Warmblood Stallion 16.2 hand. Gambol was imported in 1998 and has had a very successful career in Dressage, with scores in the med 70%. Shown by Olympic Medalist Ashley Holzer.
Gambol is a stallion that has a great temperament and three strong gaits. He moves with great expression and self-carriage. Gambol has shown the world that he is a truly a outstanding champion stallion that has won silver & gold medals, and many USDF awards.

" When we met Gambol we were immediately impressed by his flawless conformation and expressive movement. His intelligent nature and proven record on the Big Tour combined with his fine bloodlines made him an outstanding candidate for our breeding program". . . . . . Nicola Alvin-Smith


World Equestrian Games - Aachen Germany- WEF Dressage Classic - Level GP 70.833%- Palm Beach Dressage Derby - Level GP 69.080%
Florida Dressage Classic - Level GP 74.875%- Wellington Dressage - Level GP 75.083%- Gold Coast Opener - Level GP 70.680%
Competing at the World Equestrian- Games in Aachen Germany- USDF Musical Freestyle Challenge Grand Prix Reserve Champion %71.450.
USDF Musical Freestyle Grand Prix Reserve Champion %74.875- USDF top five for Horse of the Year for Grand Prix

Dressage at Devon - Level GP 70.680%- Great American Insurance Group/USDF Region 8 Dressage Championship Recognized by U.S. Equestrian Federation/New England Dressage Fall Festival - Level GP 69.240%- Dressage at Stone Tavern & CDI3*/CDIY Allentown
Level GP 71.000%- Dressage at Equestrian Estates - Level GP 69.375%- WEF Dressage Classic CDI***/Y - Level l2 67.805%
Florida Dressage Classic - Level l2 66.179%- Wellington Dressage - Level l2 67.967%- Gold Coast Dressage Opener CDI*/CDIY
Level l2 65.854%

Dressage At Devon - Level l1 69.667%- Level PSG 70.250%- WEF Dressage Classic CDI***/Y - Level l1 70.300%- Level PSG 68.550%
Palm Beach Dressage Derby - Level l1 72.167%- Level PSG 71.350%- Florida Dressage Classic - Level l1 71.875%- Level PSG 69.875
Wellington Dressage - Level l1 68.500%- Level PSG 65.750%- Gold at Can-Am challenge at Devon, USDF Horse of the Year Intermediate l Reserve Champion 71.088%- USDF/ Dutch Warmblood N.A. Intermediate l- Champion 71.088%- USDF/ Dutch Warmblood N.A. Prix St Georges Reserve Champion 70.063%

Pan-American Games Dressage team competition- Level PSG team silver for Canada- WEF Dressage Classic - Level l1 66.250%
Level PSG 66.000%- Palm Beach Dressage Derby - Level l1 66.125%- Level PSG 70.333%- Florida Dressage Classic - Level PSG 65.125%
Wellington Dressage - Level PSG 58.875%- 4th Level 66.739%

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