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Willowview Hill Farm Terms & Conditions


Your use of this website assumes your understanding and agreement to the following terms of use.

This Website and its contents and images are the property of Willowview Hill Farm and are copyrighted, all rights reserved by the Willowview Hill Farm, WillowviewHillFarm.com, its owners, heirs and assigns. Herein referred to as WVH.

By downloading any material from this site, you agree that the information is downloaded for your own personal use and for no other purposes. Downloading of images is strictly forbidden and copyright infringements will be litigated. Further reproduction of any materials contained in this website of copyrighted material is prohibited by law. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the
materials contained herein, WVH Willowview Hill Farm assumes no responsibility to anyone for
errors and omissions. Explicitly where materials have been provided by third parties, WVH Willowview Hill Farm disclaims any responsibility for present or consequential damages of any nature that might arise now or at any future date for their use, purpose, purchase or otherwise.

Any products, horses, hay, services of whatever nature purchased from WVH Willowview Hill Farm, WillowviewHillFarm.com its owners, heirs or assigns, shall be assumed the risk of the buyer at time of such purchase and payments for same shall not be refundable on any account. I AGREE that my purchase of same constitutes my satisfaction and all such sales shall be deemed final. I understand WVH Willowview Hill Farm, WillowviewHillFarm.com its owners, heirs or assigns offers no warranties, express or implied, as to the suitability or merchantability of any product, horse, hay, or service and all sales are complete 'as is' and 'where is.'

Copy of WVH Release, Assumption of Risk, Waiver and Indemnification which must be signed on arrival of WVH premises.

Please read carefully. This document waives important legal rights.

I AGREE in consideration for my admittance to WVH property or any WVH programs to the following:
I AGREE that I choose to participate voluntarily with my horse or WVH provided horse, as a rider, driver, handler, vaulter, longeur, lessee, owner, agent, coach, trainer, or as parent or guardian of a junior visitor or rider. This includes trying horses and being on the property in any proximity to horse or handler. I am fully aware and acknowledge that horse sports and my presence on the ground or around horses involves inherent dangerous risks of accident, loss, and serious bodily injury including broken bones, head injuries, trauma, pain, suffering, or death.
I AGREE to release Willowview Hill Farm, WillowviewHillFarm.com, its owners, employees, heirs or assigns from all claims for money damages or otherwise for any Harm to me or my horse and for any Harm caused by me or my horse to others, even if the Harm resulted, directly or indirectly, from the negligence of the Willowview Hill Farm, WillowviewHillFarm.com, its owners, heirs, employees or assigns.
I AGREE to expressly assume all risks of Harm to me or my horse, my truck, agent drivers or their equipment, including Harm resulting from the negligence of the Willowview Hill Farm, WillowviewHillFarm.com, its owners, heirs, assigns or employees. Herein WVH.
I agree to pay for all reasonable damages for any damage caused by drivers and their equipment picking up hay or horses on my behalf. I AGREE to indemnify WVH and to hold them harmless from any damage resulting from loading or unloading horses by whosoever owned.
I AGREE to indemnify (that is, to pay any losses, damages, or costs incurred by) WVH Willowview Hill Farm, WillowviewHillFarm.com, its owners, heirs or assigns and to hold them harmless with respect to claims for Harm to me or my horse, and for claims made by others for any Harm caused by me or my horse on WVH Willowview Hill Farm property or at any Willowview Hill Farm event or program.
I am familiar with horse sports and horses in general an am aware for the need of protective equipment, including and I understand that I am entitled to wear protective equipment without penalty, and I acknowledge that WVH Willowview Hill Farm strongly encourages me to do so while WARNING that no protective equipment can guard against all injuries. I specifically agree to always wear an ASTM certified helmet when riding, boots with minimum half inch heels and riding gloves. I agree to wear appropriate safety clothing in and around horses at all times including boots.
If I am a parent or guardian of a junior participant, I consent to the childs participation and AGREE to all of the above provisions and AGREE to assume all of the obligations of this Release on the childs behalf.
I AGREE that Willowview Hill Farm as used above includes all of their officials, officers, directors, employees, agents, personnel,
volunteers and affiliated organizations. I represent that I have the requisite training, coaching and abilities to safely participate in any WVH Willowview Hill Farm program, lesson , clinic, event, or to visit and be in the company of horses.
I AGREE that if I am injured, the medical personnel treating my injuries may provide information on my injury and treatment to WVH Willowview Hill Farm, as allowed by law.
I AGREE to pay all reasonable attorney fees for collection of monies unpaid or any service or product rendered and to a $25.00 collection fee for any returned check.

I AGREE to take not photographs, recordings, videos or other media production while attending any WVH Willowview Hill Farm program event or while present on WVH Willowview Hill Farm property without the express written consent of WVH Willowview Hill Farm.

I AGREE that my participation and/or presence on WVH Willowview Hill Farm property or WVH Willowview Hill Farm event or training, conveys all rights allowing WVH Willowview Hill Farm to use and assign photos, audios, cablecats, videos, and all other types of recordings or other likeness of me or my horse for the promotion or benefit of WVH Willowview Hill Farm and equestrian sport. I hereby expressly and irrevocably waive and release all rights in connection with such use, including any claim for compensation, invasion of privacy, right of publicity, or to misappropriation.

I AGREE that any suit or legal action shall be adjudicated and brought to action in the County of Schoharie, New York and that all suits shall be governed by New York State Law.
This Release of Liability shall be construed broadly to provide a release and waiver of liability to the maximum extent permissible under law. I hereby certify that I have read this
agreement, and I understand its contents.

BY SIGNING BELOW, I AGREE to be bound by all applicable all terms and provisions detailed herein.


Additional signature

CONSENT AND RELEASE OF PARENT OR GUARDIAN. I am the parent or guardian of ____________________ (child). My child is fit for the horse riding and to be around and in proximity to horses and I consent to my child's participation. I have read and understand the Release of Liability. In consideration of allowing my child to participate, I consent to it and agree that its terms shall likewise bind me, my child, heirs, legal representatives, and assignees. I hereby release and shall defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the Releasees from any liability that I or my child may allege against the Releasees (including reasonable attorney fees or costs) as a direct or indirect result of injury to me or my child because of my child's participation or presence on WVH Willowview Hill Farm site or in a WVH Willowview Hill Farm program, whether caused by the acts or omissions of the Releasees or others. I promise not to sue Releasees on my behalf or on behalf of my child regarding any claim arising from my child's participation or presence at Willowview Hill Farm.






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