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Paul and Extravaganza WVH

WVH homebred Lusitano colt is growing up fast. This Fall Paul will start work with his this son if our own Gambol’s Georgy Girl (DWB).

Extravaganza WVH

Say Hello To Gambol’s Middernacht WVH New Owners

As we retire from horse breeding and disperse our mare band we are thrilled to announce that our wonderful Midi has been sold to our friends (and students) Slava Pestov, Alexis and Renee Albaugh of Accord, New York.

“We are over the moon about Midi’s new home. The great thing about selling our horses to folks we already know not only means we are confident they are going to a great home where they will reach their potential, but also that we can keep in touch and follow along with their progress,” explained Paul Alvin-Smith.

In fact in the future the WVH Grand Prix duo Paul and Nikki will likely find themselves standing center of the ring offering some training help with Midi’s dressage work as Renee and Slava are both already on their student roster.

Midi will be joining other horses at her new home and enjoy the delights of the family’s new 70 acre farm, where a lovely outdoor arena has recently been installed.

Nidi and her new owners


2019 Horse Hay Available Folks!

Here’s the WVH team back at the haymaking. Sorry we don’t deliver but you can pick up.

Please visit our hay sales page here for more info.

See it happening: https://youtu.be/bLIBSDTdiDk


Nikki Alvin-Smith Appears on Horse Radio Network Alum Helena Harris Podcast: Stall and Stable

Listen in for advice "Keeping a Grand Prix Dressage Horse".

Nikki Alvin-Smith


At Home and Abroad ~ Hectic Clinic Season

Paul and Nikki had a very busy clinic season in 2017 and gave clinics in the U.S.A., Portugal, Spain and Germany. Click here see Paul enjoying some fun times riding Rico at Antonio Borba's farm in Lisbon and visit our blog to learn more about their experiences abroad in 2017.

2018 is heating up to be a busy travel year too, with return clinics booked in Portugal and Spain, horse purchasing tours for clients and a myriad of clinics in the U.S.A.

If you would like to host Paul and Nikki for a clinic please email training@WillowviewHillFarm.com for rates and availability.



Gambol’s Genevieve WVH aka Jen Sold

We are very pleased to announce that the beautiful Genevieve has found her new partner, Akiko Nakamachi. Akiko and her trainer Dana, work together on the classical principles of dressage at Hemlock Hollow Farm in Canton, NY, so Jen will be doing just what she was bred to do.

“ It was kismet. Akiko had contacted me late last year following the death of her horse and was interested in Genevieve. We had chatted but then I hadn’t heard more. Akiko explained that it was just too soon for a new horse as she was still grieving over her loss. Then just recently I posted Genevieve for sale online and Akiko saw her photo pop up on the ad and remembered her and contacted us. In between we did find time to give Genevieve eight longe lessons, when we had a little free time in February. When Akiko and Genevieve met I could tell it was a great match. They instantly liked each other and after a quick refresher longe lesson Akiko bought Genevieve on the spot.  Both Paul and I are super excited about this new partnership and wish them all the very best. We shall certainly miss Genevieve, but know she will have a bright future with Akiko,” said Nikki Alvin-Smith.

Jen and Akiko


Georgy Girl’s Dam Versailles WVH aka Annie, Enjoys New Career as an Eventer

Georgy Girl’s Dam Versailles WVH aka Annie, Enjoys New Career as an Eventer

2017 has been a very busy year for Georgy Girl’s dam, Annie, who is a registered Thoroughbred mare. Under the tutelage of Sarah Wohrman, Annie was started under saddle in January of 2017. Through the winter months, Sarah worked Annie consistently and by March Annie was trotting ground poles.

In May Sarah Wohrman began working full time for advanced eventer, Booli Selmayr, and they worked together through the summer to develop Annie’s work under saddle.

Georgy Girl’s Dam Versailles WVH aka Annie, Enjoys New Career as an Eventer

By September Sarah was jumping Annie and lo and behold, the horse loved it. Annie has always shown great athleticism and so this came as no surprise to us at Willowview Hill Farm. Progress was made rapidly and after some trail riding and more schooling Sarah took Annie to her first real horse show at MLC Farm and completed a clear 2ft 3” class.

During October Sarah was schooling Annie at Fitch’s Corner, Millbrook event course and with regular help from Booli Selmayr the confidence of horse and rider bloomed.

At Annie’s first horse trials at Larkin Hill at Beginner Novice she took a clear in the showjumping, had a good go cross-country with one stop and overcame her nerves to complete the dressage portion. By the end of October Annie was competing again, this time at the Arena Eventing Derby at Crosswinds Equestrian Center and did wonderfully at the BN height and won the division.

Annie and Sarah also participated at the Boyd Martin Clinic in Millbrook, November 19th and will head to Aiken to continue their progress this winter season.

Georgy Girl’s Dam Versailles WVH aka Annie, Enjoys New Career as an Eventer

A full article on the ‘ Life and Times of Annie ‘ will be published December 15th at Catskill Horse magazine. From WVH broodmare producing our Gambol’s Georgy Girl, to her sale afterward to Ramzi Abuhaider as a Thoroughbred broodmare producing a lovely colt, to her new career under saddle as an eventer, Annie has a great future in front of her.


Visit the Willowview Hill Farm channel on You Tube

Finally! We have video uploaded to here on the website. Thanks to everyone for their patience - we know we've been behind the curve with this.

Click here to visit our lessons page and view a sample lesson of shoulder in.

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Feel free to share our channel with friends and family. We have lots of new videos in the works that will help you train your horse in everything; imprint training at birth; classical approaches both French and German school from basics on the longe to training piaffe/passage and haute ecole. There will also be humorous horse clips and 'how to' videos for horse care too. You'll get to meet our private yard of performance horses including our warmblood and baroque horses, as well as our breeding mares and foals for both our sport horse and sport pony programs. Don't miss out! Visit our channel at You Tube now by clicking here.


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Lafite WVH

Lafite models the Degas bridle from TheHorseStudio.com "Masters" line of bridlewear

Lafite WVH



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Please visit our affiliates page and say hello to some of our favorite folks. On this page you'll find all sorts of useful resources and we are very happy to share them with you.


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