The Brit/American Unique Perspective

Take your dressage talents to the next level with international level Grand Prix trainers who love to work with riders and horses of all abilities. Trained in Classical Dressage with proven success in the competitive dressage world Paul and Nikki work together to bring the best way forward for you and your horse based on a sound understanding of what it takes to make horse and rider from start to Grand Prix.

Clinician Services

Available for off-site 1/2/3 day private and public clinics across the U.S.A and worldwide, the unique Grand Prix duo offer dressage aficionados a friendly, fun and educational experience sharing the wealth of their expertise. Occasional on-site events available. Please sign up for our newsletter to be the 1st to know.

Training Board

Select horses accepted for training to further develop their skill set and understanding of dressage and/or to polish their talents for sale/showing.

Intensive Retreat

An immersive experience at WVH this program offers students an opportunity to bring their own horse and enjoy access to all the duo and WVH has to offer.

What Goes On At WVH?

A peaceful, harmonious environment is key to producing a productive learning environment for horse and rider. Both have to be relaxed in order to learn. The atmosphere at Willowview Hill Farm, and the energy at off-site clinics, is always positive and professional.
PRE/ANCCE Stallion

Kindness Matters

Never assume your horse is not trying to answer your wishes, always assume he just doesn’t understand yet. Find a better way to connect. Don’t just shout louder with your aids, and definitely no shouting allowed from your voice. Same rule applies when you are instructing a rider.

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Conformation Counts

Both horse and rider have conformational flaws and strengths. Successful trainers know how to protect the physical and mental health of both and build horse and rider up to reach their potential.

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Lessons in Lightness

The least possible amount of aid and correction is always the best way to train both equine and equestrian. Always allow time for action to mirror the instruction and always be positive. Negativity of any type must always be avoided.

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Nothing Elite About Dressage

Paul and Nikki train horses of all breeds and riders from multiple riding disciplines and abilities.
Benefits of dressage training extend past riding a horse to the bit and building a topline, it’s about building a partnership founded on trust.

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There’s No Wrong Answer

Whether schooling a horse or teaching a student, there are no wrong answers. All a good instructor requests is that you try.

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Don’t Be Scared

Grand Prix competitors didn’t start out at that level. Don’t be scared to work with advanced trainers. The advantage is they know the entire road map and plan and execute training strategies accordingly.

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Listen In!

Nikki Alvin-Smith’s interview with The Horse Network alumni’s Helena Harris on Keeping The Grand Prix Horse..


What Do You Charge?

Obviously clinic package prices vary depending on the hosting location, (nation/state), travel involved, hotel and rental car expenses if needed etc. Auditors as well as riding participants are charged fees, and pre-registration is always required for both options, as well as signed waivers.

On-site events at WVH similarly require the above, but horses arriving on-site also have to be pre-approved through their medical history on passport or other verifiable means for vaccinations and health.

Training Board rates vary depending on gender (stallions slightly higher), and individually tailored package pricing based on whether the program requested is 3/4/5 days a week training (minimum 3 required).

Intensive Retreat programs range in fees as different options are available. Riders may bring more than one horse, require additional recreational services, option for on site RV/Camper hook-ups etc.

Below rates offer an idea of what to expect, and may differ based on variant needs.
$135 / hr


  • 50 minute 1 on 1 lesson
  • Commute fees additional
  • Young Rider discounts
$700 / and up


  • 2 lessons daily +
  • Stabling/camper hook-up inc.
  • 26 miles of trails available

Work with us

We'd love to work with you. Contact us using the form below and provide some details about yourself, your horse and let us know how we can help!